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Under Construction: East Side Animal Shelter

During renovation work, Animal Welfare's East Side Shelter is unable to accept surrendered dogs.

Beginning in March, part of Albuquerque's East Side Animal Shelter is undergoing renovations.

During this time, if you want to surrender a pet, please contact an Animal Welfare surrender counselor by calling 311 or (505) 768-2000.

If you must surrender a dog immediately, please bring the pet to the West Side Shelter.

The West Side Shelter is located at 11800 Sunset Gardens SW.

View West Side Shelter location map.

Cats can be surrendered at the West Side Shelter or East Side Shelter.

Learn More: Animal Surrender Counselors

Animal Welfare surrender counselors work with pet owners to find an acceptable way to prevent the surrender.

Counselor services include:

  • Advice on behavior issues
  • Free low-income and moderate-income spay or neuter services, and
  • Advice on other placement options for best interests of the animal.

To voluntarily be placed on a waiting list, call 311 or (505) 768-2000 and provide your name and telephone number to the operator. You will be contacted within one to three days.

Lost & Found Pets

Found a pet? Lost a pet? We can help.

One of the quickest ways to reunite a dog with its owner is to deliver it to the West Side Shelter, at 11800 Sunset Gardens SW. Take cats to the shelter closest to where they were found.

Stray dogs will be held there until available for adoption. Strays cats will be kept at either shelter until obtainable for adoption.

Adoptable Pets

Adoptable animals are available at the East Side shelter, West Side shelter, and Lucky Paws.

Meet our sheltered animals and talk to an adoption counselor to get assistance in finding a companion that will fit the family.

Animal Shelter Locations

  • East Side Shelter: 8920 Lomas NE
  • West Side Shelter: 11800 Sunset Gardens SW
  • Lucky Paws in Coronado Mall: 6600 Menaul NE