If you see a tiny kitten leave it alone, Albuquerque Welfare warns

KRQE story

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The Albuquerque animal shelter has a warning for people about kittens. The say if the kittens are tiny, leave them where they are.

It is kitten season and the shelter has been taking in an enormous number of kittens. However, many people picking up the strays not realizing mom likely isn’t far away and taking them to the shelter is actually putting them in danger.

”Kittens need to be with their mom for seven to eight weeks because mom provides everything from food to basic care to teaching how to be normal kittens so to have that proper nutrition and health they need to be with their mom,” Dr. Nicole Vigil said.

The shelter is overflowing with so many kittens, staff members are taking some home since they don’t have enough volunteers to feed them all.