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 Girl Scouts use cookie money to help dogs in need

Girl Scout Troop gave their time, donated materials for dogs in need.

One local Girl Scout Troop is giving back to our four-legged friends. They donated their time, their cookie money and a set of new skills to dogs in need. Jill Dahringer doesn’t have much experience with a hammer and nail, but that’s not keeping her and her friends, Kristen Hosfelt and Haley Mead, from giving it their all.“It was fun. I liked learning how to use it,” said Hosfelt.The three are part of a Junior Girl Scout Troop that devoted their Saturday morning to carpentry, for a good cause. And you don’t have to look far to find their beneficiaries.

A chorus of curious canines drowned out the sound of drills and hammers as these young, handy-women created their future homes. “Other dogs may be less fortunate than us or our dogs,” explained Dahringer. City officials say dog owners are required to provide their pet with adequate shelter. That means it’s off the ground and keeps pets safe and dry. “We’d rather you bring your dog inside when it’s cold out but, if you can’t, we understand that and we want to make it easier for people,” Albuquerque Animal Welfare Director Paul Caster. Caster pitched in to help Jill and her friends. “It’s incredible. These girls they weigh, what? 100 pounds soaking wet? And they’re out here just driving those screws and nails, and no fear,” said Caster.

He says these homes are simple to make, but says affording these girls the opportunity to give back to the community, while learning a few life skills along the way, is priceless. “There’s a couple here I want to get contractors’ licenses for…because they’re that good!” The girls began to agree by the end of the day.

Even with their newfound expertise, these girls never lost sight of their purpose. “I just like the fact that we can have fun while helping others, even if they are animals,” said Mead. “They truly seem to understand that what they’re doing is bigger than themselves, so we’re helping them be better people,” Caster said. The girls spent $200 from selling Girl Scout cookies to buy materials. The ASPCA donated another $100. Since all of the materials and time were donated, building the houses didn’t cost the city anything.


By Katherine Mozzone, KRQE News 13