Companion Readers Program

The program is designed to allow children to read to sheltered pets who are waiting to be adopted.

The Companion Readers program provides a relaxed, non-judgmental and pet-friendly atmosphere, which will allow children to practice their reading skills. Having a child practice reading in a relaxed environment will build self-esteem, and connect reading with something pleasant.

Benefits of the Program include:

  • Improving the child’s reading skills
  • Building a child’s confidence
  • Learning compassion for furry friends and how to be a good pet owner
  • The animals will learn social skills that can help them get adopted

 The children who participate in the program are Kindergarteners to 5th grade, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Kid Clubs and families. Animal Welfare staff and parents oversee the children as they read to the shelter pets.

To book a time to read to shelter animals at Lucky Paws email sp[email protected]