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Animal Welfare Reached its Goal of Scheduling 100 Spay/Neuter Surgeries

The Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department reached its goal today of successfully scheduling 100 free spay/neuter surgeries for cats.  We are grateful that Albuquerque residents have prioritized curbing the pet overpopulation by participating.

“Spaying or neutering your pet will help reduce the number of homeless pets, improve your pet’s health, reduce unruly behavior and save on the cost of pet care,” stated Carolyn Ortega, Director of Animal Welfare Department.

Under most circumstances, it is against the law in Albuquerque to own a dog or cat unless you have it spayed or neutered. The veterinary clinic at the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department offers free spay/neuter services for cats or dogs of qualified low-income and moderate-income Albuquerque residents. Animal Welfare has another program called “Spay Your Mama,” through which Albuquerque residents can have their mother cat or dog spayed free of charge when their litter is surrendered. For information, call 311.

For help to make arrangements for the free spay and neuter of the street cats in your neighborhood, to help control the cat population in a manner recommended by the ASPCA and numerous other experts, call the Street Cat Hub at (505) 247-9357. They offer help with trapping and surgeries for unowned street cats.