Movie Night - Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires: Volcanoes of New Mexico

Volcanoes are a part of our New Mexico landscape. Come learn more about their creation, cultural understanding, and local geology.


Aug 12, 2022
06:00 PM - 07:00 PM


Open Space Visitor Center
6500 Coors Blvd. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120


Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires: Volcanoes of New Mexico

Sponsored by the Open Space Alliance

Friday, August 12, 2022
2 Showings 6:00pm & 7:30pm

Registration is required. Call (505) 768-4950

For 25 million years, volcanoes spewed molten rock and ash across New Mexico, forming craters, super volcanoes, cinder cones, lava flows and peak-less mountains. Over time, these massive eruptions also planted the seeds of civilization and shaped the identity of New Mexico and its people, particularly American Indians.

Jayne C. Aubele and Larry S. Crumpler will introduce the movie and lead a discussion after each showing.


About J. Aubele and L. Crumpler:

Larry Crumpler and Jayne Aubele are husband-and-wife geologists who have specialized in volcanology (the study of volcanoes). They have studied and mapped volcanoes on three different planets…on the ground on Earth… and remotely on Mars and Venus. 

They met as graduate students at the University of New Mexico, and then spent nearly 20 years studying and working elsewhere while they tried to get back to what they say are the “best volcanoes on Earth”…right here in New Mexico.  Their research currently includes studies of New Mexico lava flows, including the youngest eruption in the state, the McCartys lava flow, El Malpais, south of Grants.

Individually and together, they have mapped three major volcanic fields in the southwest and authored or co-authored numerous scientific papers and book chapters about volcanoes, including contributions to Volcanoes of North America and the Encylopedia of Volcanology. Larry was technical advisor for the PBS video Sleeping Monsters, Sacred Fires: Volcanoes of New Mexico, a special KNME-PBS Colores Series Production, and both Larry and Jayne were on-air geologists for the program. They are both Fellows of the Geological Society of America.

Larry is Research Curator of Volcanology and Space Science at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. He is the creator of the NM Museum of Natural History & Science online exhibit “The Volcanoes of New Mexico” [go to]. He coined the phrase “New Mexico: the Volcano State” and authored articles about NM volcanoes in the books Telling New Mexico and Untold New Mexico, and the recent article “The Land of a Thousand Volcanoes” in El Palacio Magazine, Fall 2020 [].Currently, he is a member of the Perseverance Rover Mission science team, and was a member of the development team for the Ingenuity helicopter.

Jayne is a geologist and senior educator for the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science. She has worked as a field geologist for the U.S. Geological Survey mapping volcanoes and volcanic fields in the southwestern U.S. and for NASA remotely exploring the volcanoes of Mars, Venus, and the Moon. As a Principal Investigator on the Venus data analysis program, she defined a new volcanic feature on that planet. Prior to coming to the Museum she was a Program Manager for NASA’s Statewide Space Grant Program. She was an invited author for the geology chapter in the Field Guide to the Sandia Mountains, and entries on “Comparative Planetologyand “Earth” (McMillan Encyclopedia) and for a publication about “Geoscience in Natural History Museums in the 21st Century.” In addition to “Sleeping Monsters…” she was also a technical advisor and on-air geologist for the KNME-PBS program, “The Sandias.” 

Jayne C. Aubele
Museum Adult Programs Educator/Geologist
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Larry Crumpler
Research Curator, Volcanology and Space Science
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science




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