Cosmic Carnival

Information about the 2021 Cosmic Carnival.

Cosmic Carnival

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Instructions to Participate in Cosmic Carnival

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  3. Presentations will remain available on this web page until May 2022.

Live Event!

Image of logo from NASA Artemis project.
Saturday, November 20th at 1pm.
Followed by a Q & A
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Artemis - NASA's Return of Humans to the Moon

Presented by Jim Greenhouse, NM Museum of Natural History & Science and TAAS Member

Relive the historic Apollo missions, then hear the latest information about the NASA's Artemis program which will send a new generation to the moon. Those watching live are welcome to ask questions by using’s the webinar’s Q&A function.

Did you miss the Live Event? No worries because it was recorded!

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Live Event!

image of advertisement for Stellarium software
Saturday, November 20th at 5pm.
Followed by a Q&A
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Fun in Space


Presented by Asis Gonzales, of the Santa Fe Children's Museum

A live presentation on the night sky using Stellarium software to acquaint you with what you will see when you walk out your door into the dark

Did you miss the Live Event? No worries because it was recorded!

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Watching the Night Sky

Viewing the Night Sky with Your Cell Phone

Presented by Dee Friesen, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

This is a fun activity for any age! Download the Night Sky app onto your cell phone and follow Dee, from TAAS, through the night sky.

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Amateur Astronomy

Amateur Astronomy: an Introduction

Presented by David Frizzell, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

A description of the types of telescopes/equipment that amateur astronomers use, methods amateurs use to locate/observe/image objects in the sky, and the benefits of joining amateur astronomy clubs.

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image of a black hole used as thumb nail for button

Black Holes. Watch Your Step!

Presented by Bob Havlen, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society

What black holes are and how we know they exist.

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image of the galaxy used as a button

Vastness of the Universe

Presented by David Frizzell, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

A short review of the great magnitudes required to describe/understand the distances between astronomical objects, their sizes, the numbers of objects and periods of time encompassed by the evolution/duration of objects in the universe.

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Image of Lunar phases with video title

Understanding Lunar Phases

Presented by Jim Roucis, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

This presentation describes lunar phases — the cycle of the moon’s illumination as seen from Earth with Key concepts and nomenclature for the sun-Earth-moon system.

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image of Melissa Ober used as a button

Why is the Sky Blue?

Presented by the Melissa Ober, The Science Girl

Science experiments for all ages...and perhaps to try at home--carefully.

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image of the National Weather service logo used as a button

Thunder and Lightning!

Presented by the Scott Overpeck, National Weather Service

Ask a meteorologist...Interviews with local meteorologists on a variety of topics from general weather questions to a career in meteorology.

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Boris and His Magic Glass

Presented by Boris Venet, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

How a Telescope Lens Works - What we observe by following an actual light beam from a source through the various exposed parts of a simple telescope.

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image of inner earth used a button for presentation

Inner Earth

Presented by Dr. Thomas Prettyman, Planetary Science Institute

What's inside the Earth? How spacecraft missions to asteroids could tell us about the formation and evolution of terrestrial planets and how you can get involved, a NASA mission called Psyche will visit an asteroid that might be the core of an igneous protoplanet exposed by collisions.

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image of night sky to be used as a button

After Sunset - Out After Dark!

Presented by James Carr, The Albuquerque Astronomical Society (TAAS)

'After Sunset' is a short presentation on Nightscape Photography, capturing a natural setting after dark (including the night sky) with a DSLR camera or smartphone...easier than you might think.

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image of Saturn to be used as a button

Ring Around A Planet

Presented by Len Duda, NASA Ambassador

The NASA Cassini spacecraft mission spent 13 years (ending in 1917) orbiting Saturn, providing a wealth of images and information on the planet, rings and unique moons. This presentation is a brief overview of the mission with a large spread of images of it all.

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image of the intergalactic institute logo to be used as a button

What Would You Do if You Were an Intergalactic Ambassador?

Presented by Agent Fermi, InterGalactic Cultural Relations Institute

A brief history of the InterGalactic Ambassadors Program and an overview of 235 answers to the question, "What would you do if you were an InterGalactic Ambassador?" presentation for the Virtual Cosmic Carnival produced by The Albuquerque Astronomical Society and the City of Albuquerque Open Space Division.

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Image of Expora! Museum to use on Cosmic Carnival website

Spot the Sunspot Safely

Presented by Kevin Dilley, Explora!

Using just paper, tape and some markers, we'll learn how to construct a Sunspot viewer.

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Image of the night sky with title Losing the Dark

Losing the Dark

Presented by the International Dark Sky Association

Starry skies are a vanishing treasure because light pollution is washing away our view of the cosmos. It not only threatens astronomy, it disrupts wildlife, and affects human health. The yellow glows over cities and towns — seen so clearly from space — are testament to the billions spent in wasted energy from lighting up the sky.

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Image of title for live event

Introduction to Planetarium Renovations at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science 2021

Presented by Jim Greenhouse, NM Museum of Natural History & Science and TAAS Member

Last year, the planetarium at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science completed an interior renovation.  Take a brief tour of the theater’s new features to enjoy on your next visit.

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Image of Nuclear Museum logo

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Presented by the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Explore how Nuclear is used in space exploration and compare some of the types of energy generation types are affected by the conditions on the planet Mars! Here are activities to go along with your Mars exploration. Download the PDF here

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