City Reminds Residents of Upcoming Deadlines for Federal Stimulus Payments

It has been a few months since the IRS began issuing Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to help individuals and families weather economic losses during the pandemic but many New Mexicans may be leaving money on the table. The City of Albuquerque is reminding residents that have not received their EIP to submit their information to the IRS by the upcoming deadlines listed below.

Non-filers with dependent children (including grandchildren) who meet the following criteria, have until Sept. 30 in order to file a form with the IRS so they can get their full EIP payment this year: 

  1. Receives Social Security benefits, Social Security survivor or disability benefits, or Railroad Retirement benefits (RRB);
  2. Has a dependent child or children under age 17; and
  3. Has not filed taxes in 2018 or 2019.

Those who did not file taxes in tax year 2018 or 2019 and do not meet the above criteria have until Oct.15 to either file their taxes for 2019 or fill out the IRS non-filer form

Anyone who does not meet these deadlines will have to wait until next year to receive their EIP.

According to New Mexico Voices for Children, those earning low incomes, lacking secure housing, are non-elderly or are people of color are most likely to be missing their EIP payments. For help claiming their payments, residents can call United Way’s tax helpline at 1-844-322-3639.

To view information about EIPs and how to claim them, visit the IRS website. To view the non-filer tool, including information needed to complete the form, visit this link:

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