City Gives Updates on Enforcement Following Holiday Weekend

City expects long road ahead

Dec. 1, 2020

At a press briefing today, Mayor Keller emphasized that the community should anticipate a long road to recovery from the recent spike in COVID cases, and that we all have to take appropriate action now in order to see progress in the coming months. 

Mayor Keller cited four reasons why people should expect a long road ahead:

  • Albuquerque is an urban center with malls, airports and hospitals that make controlling spread more challenging.
  • Viruses like the flu and COVID-19 survive and are transmitted more readily in cold weather, making the winter months more dangerous.
  • The timing for when a COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available is still undetermined.
  • The incubation period of this virus and testing timeframes mean that positives can take up two weeks to be detected and then we can expect another couple of weeks before we see the impact of those positives on our health care system. This creates a lag time of several weeks before we see improvements from actions taken today.

“We were trending well until November hit,” said Mayor Tim Keller. “but we are seeing an increase we don’t want to see at all for our city. We have got to get transmission under control. We are going to continue to step up where we can; our support for vulnerable populations and our aid to businesses has been much better than cities around the country. I believe we are going to get through this together.”

Over the past seven days, City of Albuquerque officials conducted 649 compliance interactions with businesses and individuals regarding the State Public Health Order (PHO).That pushes the total compliance interactions, which include warnings, notices of violation, and/or citations, to nearly 1,300 in November.

The compliance team focused on visiting large box stores, particularly to ensure that non-essential businesses are operating within the PHO and that essential businesses are complying with occupancy limits. Two notices of violation were issued, one of which was found to be in compliance after APD made a follow-up visit.

At a briefing Tuesday, Fire Marshal Gene Gallegos said, “Our public health order team continues to go out and visit all parts of the city to ensure compliance with the public health order. We are out there and we will continue to do this throughout the pandemic. I’d like to thank all the Albuquerque business owners, employees and the citizens for helping us slow the spread of COVID-19 by following the public health order.”

With the winter holidays upon us, Albuquerque is in the midst of a critical stage for controlling the spread of the virus.

An ongoing surge in cases has tightened the gap between Albuquerque and cities that we had been outperforming earlier in the pandemic, and the holidays will put the city to the test.

Download slides from today’s presentation.