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Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely is an initiative of the ABIM Foundation.

The goal of Choosing Wisely is to encourage conversations between physicians and patients about the overuse of tests and procedures and support physician efforts to help patients make smart and effective care choices.

Choosing wisely brings several passionate groups together to help physicians, patients and other health care stakeholders talk about the overuse of health care resources in the U.S. More than thirty national organizations representing medical specialists, as well as Consumer Reports and a number of consumer-focused organizations, are working with the ABIM Foundation to create a set of recommendations for physicians and patients to talk about together.

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New Mexico Coalition For Healthcare Value is supported by the nonprofit HealthInsight. It brings together purchasers, employers, physicians, healthcare systems and hospitals, consumers and state leaders to create change in the healthcare system to benefit the people of New Mexico.

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Presbyterian 24/7 Nurse Advice Line 1-866-221-9679

US Preventive Services Task Force

US Preventive Services Task Force

An organization that makes recommendations to the public and health care providers about preventive care and screenings.

Depression in the Workplace

Got a case of the "Mondays" every day of the week? If every day seems the same, that's a problem. You are not alone. One in 10 people will deal with depression at some time in their lives.