Promotional Ceremony

On Tuesday, July 9th -Fire Chief James Breen and his Executive Staff happily promoted fifteen members in a small ceremony at the Fire Academy.

Captain Edward MirelesIn front of family and friends, the following members were given new badges that represent their new rank: Deputy Chief Curtis Green, Commander Karl Isselhard, Battalion Commander Paul Dow, Captain Adam Eakes, Captain Edward Mireles, Paramedic Lt. Edward Nieto, Paramedic Lt. Ronald Benavidez, Lt. Christopher Quintana, Lt. Gil Pohl, Paramedic Driver Jeff Bussey, Paramedic Driver Douglas Padilla, Driver Robert Candelaria, Driver William Chavez, Driver Zachary Nichols, and Driver Adrian Cordero.

Deputy Chief Curtis Green

Several recognitions were made; Commander Victor Padilla is the new Fire Marshal, Graduation of the 83rd Cadet Class, and promotions to firefighter from the 81st Cadet Class. The recent retirees will also be recognized for their outstanding service to the Albuquerque Fire Department. The retirees are: Deputy Chief Nathaniel Muzik, Commander Jon Sigurdson, Lt. Harry Reed, Driver Marvin Gouch and Driver David Ortega.