Fire Alerting Tools Free to Qualifying Citizens

A community risk reduction grant was awarded to the Albuquerque Fire Department to address the needs of Albuquerque’s special needs demographic, specifically citizens who are 65 years or older and citizens who are hearing and/or visually impaired.

The project will provide smoke alarms and Safe Awake bed shakers to alert citizens of a fire so they can safely evacuate. These lifesaving tools will be provided and installed for free by personnel from the Albuquerque Fire Marshal’s Office.

To quality for smoke alarms, citizens must:

• Own a home in the city of Albuquerque and be 65 years or older OR

• Own a home in the city of Albuquerque and have a visual or hearing impairment

To qualify for the Safe Awake alerting system, citizens must:

• Be an Albuquerque resident and have a hearing impairment

For more information on qualifying for this project, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 505-764-6300. The Community Risk Reduction grant was awarded to Albuquerque Fire Department from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).