Chief Breen Swears in his First Cadets

Albuquerque Fire Chief James Breen swore in 23 new firefighters Friday.The firefighters, which consists of 22 men and one woman, gradated from the 78th Albuquerque Fire Cadet class. The firefighters are the first to graduate from the academy since Breen was appointed Chief in December 2010.

“These firefighters are now a part of the select few men and women who have shown character, a commitment to service and the courage it takes to do this job every day,” Chief Breen said. “I am proud to be their chief.”

The cadets survived 18 weeks of intense training and earned the right to have a badge pinned on them during a special ceremony Friday at the Kimo Theater.

The Albuquerque Fire Academy Cadet training program provides each recruit with the classroom knowledge and practical skills necessary to function as a firefighter. Many of the new firefighters will begin their first shift on Monday, Dec. 20. Each firefighter will be assigned to a fire suppression company for the completion of their probationary period before becoming a permanent member of the department