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ABQ Homeless Assistance Helpline

Information about the City of Albuquerque's Homeless Assistance Helpline.

ABQ Homeless Assistance

If you need help accessing or receiving assistance related to shelter or homelessness, please call 505-768-4357 (HELP).

ABQ Homeless Assistance Line. Call 505-768-4357 to connect people to the resources they need.

Are You or Someone You Know Vulnerable to Being Unsheltered or Homeless?

The City of Albuquerque is working with the University of New Mexico's Agora Crisis Center to assist those in need of shelter, food, transportation, and other personal care.

The Homeless Assistance Helpline compliments other city efforts that are directed primarily at emergency shelter, interim housing and permanent housing.

Whatever someone is going through, the helpline is here. If you, someone you know, or if you see someone in our community who may need non-emergency help, call this number to help get connected to services from food assistance, diapers or formula, benefit assistance, or shelter.

What Services are Provided?

The helpline connects vulnerable individuals (and their families) with partner agencies that provide:

  • Shelter Assistance
  • Behavioral Healthcare
  • Physical Healthcare
  • Food
  • Utility Assistance
  • Child care supplies

The Homeless Assistance Helpline will connect Albuquerque residents who are about to face homeless or unsafe shelter with community organizations which can provide assistance with shelter, basic needs and other areas of support to those who might be at risk.


The ABQ Homeless Assistance Helpline will run everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Which Number to Call

Call 505-768-4357 (HELP)

If you, someone you know, or you see someone in our community who may need non-emergency help, call this number to help get connected to services from food assistance, diapers or formula, benefit assistance, or shelter.

Call 311

311 is the City of Albuquerque's non-emergency hotline. If you need to report an issue affecting your community such as abandoned encampments, needles, or trash, report it to 311.

Call 911

For emergencies, call 911 immediately.
For non-emergency police calls, call 505-242-2677 (COPS).

Why is the Helpline needed?

Homelessness is among the city’s most vexing problems being addressed on many fronts. The City’s Emergency Response teams experience a high volume of calls from concerned residents and businesses about vulnerable individuals in need of shelter, assistance, or behavioral health crisis intervention.

The Homeless Assistance Helpline, sponsored by City Councilor Gibson, is another tool to help concerned residents and businesses request assistance for vulnerable individuals they observe in the community who need urgent help that may not require an emergency response team.

About Homelessness in Albuquerque

Vulnerable Risk Factors

No two people have the same path to or experience of homelessness. There are many different risk factors that can lead to either sleeping each night in a shelter, while others sleep in doorways, cars, or encampments.

Yet, everyone experiencing homelessness shares one thing in common: they are at risk of not having a safe or proper place to live.

Who is at risk and how does homelessness happen?

  • Children make up one of the largest and fastest growing segments. Single Hispanic mothers.
  • LGBQT youth transitioning from state support programs.
  • Those who experience a flood, fire, or other natural disaster.
  • A job that may become obsolete.
  • Those suffering from a long-term illness or accident without proper health benefits or other support.
  • A household with only one full-time wage earner.
  • Living where housing costs are increasing faster than wages.
  • Anyone in your family or friends struggling with severe mental illness.
  • Anyone in your family or friends struggling with a substance use disorder.

Think about it….

  • A worker earning minimum wage would have to work nearly a 100 hours a week to pay the rent of an average two-bedroom apartment.
  • Domestic violence is leading cause of homelessness in women.
  • Homeless families make up roughly 1/3 of the total homeless population
  • 3,500 children registered at Albuquerque Public Schools have not permanent home address.
  • Nearly 1/3 of homeless adults are working.

How Many People Experience Homelessness (emergency shelters, transitional housing, unsheltered) in Albuquerque?

It is estimated that there are approximately 4,500 people, with the fastest growing being millennials and seniors.

There are 3,200 to 3,500 homeless kids enrolled in the Albuquerque Public School districts that have no permanent address.