ABQ at Home

Information about ABQ at Home Initiative.

Every family deserves a safe and secure place to call home. The City of Albuquerque is developing more housing units, providing support for those who need help getting into a home, and assisting with costly home repairs to keep families in their homes. Over the past four years, the City has invested and leveraged nearly $550 million for housing. 

ABQ at Home is a four-pronged approach to helping Albuquerque residents get into and stay in their homes. The initiative covers four categories of housing support: Affordable Housing; Supportive Housing Vouchers; Market Rate Housing; and Home Rehabilitation Grants.

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Affordable HousingA JPG of a bar char of City funding for supportive housing programs

Since 2018, the City has invested $18 million into affordable housing projects, creating 385 physical rental units either through new construction or acquisition and rehabilitation. Another $17 million was invested to develop 287 more affordable housing units. With these investments, the City has leveraged $235 million in funding from HUD, Workforce Housing Trust Fund, and others for affordable housing.

The bar graph to the right shows City funding for supportive housing by fiscal year (FY) for the years 2018 through 2022. Funding for each FY is as follows: FY18-$6,821,880, FY19-$7,924,232, FY20-$8,834,043, FY21-$9,845,113, and FY22-$11,845,113.

Housing Vouchers

City funding for supportive housing vouchers has increased by 73% since 2018 to over $11 million in FY22. The Department of Family & Community Services (FCS) works with community partners to administer the vouchers and estimates that 1,000 households will receive support through this program in FY22.

Market Rate Housing

The housing shortage is not limited to housing for low to moderate-income residents and the City of Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency (MRA) is working to develop more market rate housing. Throughout the pandemic, there has been a need for more housing for people moving to Albuquerque. MRA has invested $141 million to support projects to create almost 600 new housing units since 2018 and has another $102 million to create 500 more planned.

Home Rehabilitation

FCS is also set to receive $3.3 million in ARPA funding for home rehabilitation grants. The City will give “Neighborhood Opportunity Grants” to low to moderate-income households to make repairs in their current homes. Homewise will administer this program and aims to start assessing applicants in November 2023. To be placed on a list of interested applicants, call Homewise at 505-243-6566.