Draft 2014 Action Plan

The City of Albuquerque Family & Community Services Department, Community Development Division is anticipating receiving the following Entitlement funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the 2014 Program Year: $3,775,545.00 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, $1,489,028.00 in HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) funds, and $275,437.00 in Housing and Emergency Solutions Grant (HESG) funds. In the 2014 HUD Action Plan, the Division plans to allocate its 2014 Entitlement funds to the following Programs in the following amounts: Public Facility Program at $450,00.00 (CDBG); Affordable Housing Program at $1,902,221.00 (CDBG), $1,414,577.00 (HOME); Economic Development Program at $250,000.00 (CDBG); Public Service Program at $561,400.00 (CDBG), $4,000.00 (HESG); and the Homeless Intervention Program at $252,037.00 (HESG). City residents are encouraged to review the Plan and to make comments. Public Comments on the 2014 Action Plan will be accepted until 5:00pm, October 18, 2013.