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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for the Efficiency, Stewartship and Accountability program.

How to Report a Tip

Team Efficiency Bonus

City of Albuquerque employees who suggest money-saving ideas are eligible for the Team Efficiency Bonus.

All Efficiency ideas are welcome. Supervisor approval isn't needed.

The City's Efficiency Advisory Committee will review suggestions for viability and cost savings.

Employees who submit cost-saving efficiency ideas are eligible for a team bonus of up to $1,000 value.

How to Apply

To apply for a Team Efficiency Bonus of up to $1,000 value, send your cost-savings ideas to [email protected] or complete the Tip & Reporting Form.

Investigators need your tips and concerns to help curb abuse, fraud and waste. Your help could save the City money, time and valuable resources.

What is ESA?

ESA stands for Efficiency, Stewardship and Accountability.

ESA is a program that makes it easy for employees, vendors, contractors and taxpayers to voice their ideas and concerns. Investigators need your tips to help stop fraud, waste and misuse of City resources. Efficiency tips can help to improve processes and make City programs more efficient and cost effective, while improving service to residents and visitors.

The vast majority of City of Albuquerque employees, vendors and contractors are honest stewards of City assets and resources and are working to make our community a better place to live. The ESA hotline offer those honest stewards an opportunity to report tips to the independent Inspector General describing ways to improve efficiency and relating areas of ethical or legal concern.

What should you report to ESA?

For tips to improve efficiency - Submit a tip to report a way in which the City could be more efficient and save money while still meeting the service needs of the citizens.

For tips regarding stewardship and accountability concerns: Report ethical or legal concerns such as fraud, corruption, theft, waste and misuse of City property. For example this could be kickbacks from vendors to employees, employees getting paid when they aren’t working, personal use of City resources and any other misuse or theft of City time, equipment or money.

What happens when I report to ESA?

Reports to ESA are received by the Inspector General. Each report is first evaluated to determine whether it concerns an efficiency suggestion or concerns stewardship and accountability issues.

If the report is an efficiency suggestion, the Inspector General forwards it to the Efficiency Advisory Committee for evaluation and validation. Each validated report is eligible for the Team Efficiency bonus.

If the report has a stewardship or accountability concern, it is then evaluated by the Inspector General for investigation or other appropriate action.

What is the Team Efficiency Bonus?

Efficiency suggestions will be evaluated for practicality, value, the cost to implement the process change, and the amount of money that is anticipated to be saved by the City for the next fiscal year due to the suggestion being implemented. Each accepted efficiency suggestion is eligible for a Team Efficiency Bonus. The Team Efficiency Bonus may be awarded to the team of the employee who made the suggestion. The amount of the award can be 1% of the annual amount saved, up to $1,000 maximum. The team will get to collaborate on how the money will be spent to benefit the team, subject to approval of the City's Efficiency Advisory Committee. Examples of a team efficiency bonus include:

  • A day at the zoo with the team and their families
  • Catered lunch
  • A refrigerator or microwave for their work group's break room
  • A BBQ Grill for a fire station

May I remain anonymous?

Yes. You may remain anonymous for all tips, whether concerning efficiency or stewardship/accountability. Please remember that if you’d like to be eligible for the Team Efficiency Bonus you must leave your contact information. Your tip will be looked into whether you leave your name or not.

For tips of efficiency suggestions, you will be contacted to assist the committee in evaluating and implementing the process improvement you are suggesting. If you choose to submit an anonymous efficiency tip, you will not be eligible for the Team Effiency Bonus.

Tips regarding fraud or other illegal activity are treated with the highest level of confidentiality allowed by law; there are some limited circumstances under which a court of appropriate jurisdiction could order the identity of the tipster to be revealed. If you leave your name and phone number, we could call you to get follow-up information to assist in the investigation.

How does the Whistleblower Ordinance fit into ESA?

Fraud tips to ESA are considered to have been made under protection of the Whistleblower Ordinance. This means that the person reporting the concern is kept anonymous to the extent allowed by law. Under the Whistleblower Ordinance, you are provided protection against retaliation for reporting concerns.

What information should be in my fraud tip to maximize the chance of investigation?

To properly evaluate your tip, it is important for you to provide facts about your concern. Please provide the names of the people involved, the dates, times, departments, phone numbers, vendors’ names, check numbers, amounts, and any other specific information you can provide. It is helpful if we have an overview from you that gives a “big picture” view of the concerns you have.