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ESA Reporting Form

To report indications or suspicions of fraud, misuse of resources by City employees, vendors, or contractors and suspected violations of City policy.

Whistle-Blower Notice

Thank you for your willingness to help the City of Albuquerque prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

The information you provide, whether via phone, mail, or website will be held in the highest confidentiality allowed by law. If you are an employee of the City of Albuquerque you have certain rights provided for in the Whistleblower Ordinance.

Regardless of your employment, you can choose to provide your contact information or not.

Please remember that if you provide your contact information we may call you to request additional information about your tip, and having the ability to call you with questions may mean an investigation happens faster. Also, whether you leave your contact information or not, we may be compelled by court order to release all information in our possession.

We appreciate your willingness to do the right thing and report the wrongs you see.

Thank you.

ESA Reporting Form

When submitting a report please provide as much detail as possible.  Information provided will only be confidential if you do not provide your name and contact information.

Tipster Contact Information
Required for consideration of Team Efficiency Bonus.
Is this a Stewardship/Accountability Tip, or an Efficiency Tip?