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City-County Building Directory

Agency Building Floor
City of Albuquerque
APD Internal Affairs North 1st
City Clerk Plaza del Sol 7th
City Council South 9th
Coffee Shop South 1st
Cultural Services North 6th
Community Services North 6th
Media Resources North 1st
Public Art North 6th
Environmental Health South 3rd
Family & Community Services North 5th
Finance & Administrative Services South 11th
Accounting & Payroll South 8th
Finance Training Room South 4th
Information Systems South 2nd
Project Room South 8th
Telecommunication North 2nd
Office Services South 1st
Purchasing South 7th
Risk Management South 9th
Employee Health Services North Basement
Loss Prevention South 9th
Treasury South 1st
Human Resources North 7th
Employee Equity North 7th
Employee Relations North 7th
Insurance North 7th
Internal Audit South 5th
Legal South 4th
Arbitration Dispute Resolution South 4th
Claims/Workers Compensation South 9th
Litigation North 4th
Nuisance Abatement South 3rd
Public Property/Right of Way South 4th
Vehicle DWI Seizure North 3rd
Mayor/CAO South 11th
Economic Development South 11th
Film Office South 11th
Management & Budget South 11th
Municipal Development South 7th
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) South 7th
Engineering North 3rd
Facility Maintenance South Basement
Water Utility Authority South 5th
Administration & Finance South 5th
Maps, Records, Survey South Basement
Customer Service South 1st
Bernalillo County
County Clerk South 6th
Bureau of Elections South 6th
Voter Registration South 6th
Maps & Plats South 6th
Marriage Licenses South 6th
Real Estate Records South 6th
Recording & Filing South 6th
County Commision South 10th
County Manager South 10th
Community Services Director South 10th
Human Services South 4th
Public Safety Director South 10th
Finance/Comptroller South 10th
Accounting South 10th
Budget South 10th
Payroll South 10th
Purchasing South 10th
Information Technologies South 2nd
Probate Court South 6th
Public Information South 10th
Media Services South 7th
Treasurer South Basement