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Daizy Patch for Girl Scouts

Learn how you can earn a Daizy patch!


Daizy Patch

2 starred activities AND:

  • Daisies add 1
  • Brownies add 2
  • Juniors add 3
  • Girls 11+ add 4.


  • *All About Elephants: Learn about elephants. Where do they live? What do they eat? What are their trunks used for? How are Asian and African elephants different?
  • Elephant Neighbors: Learn about the animals that share habitat with elephants. Create a list of five other animals that live with Asian elephants. Are any of these animals endangered?


  • A Herd Life: Find out about the roles of elephants in a herd, and then have your troop act them out. Take turns playing the role of matriarch, aunt, mother, baby, young male and adult male. Who is in charge? Who stays with the herd forever, who leaves, and why?
  • Baby Behavior: Elephant biologists use a tool called an ethogram to record elephant behavior. Create your own chart to record Jazmine’s behavior for five minutes. Go to the zoo (or watch videos online) and observe Jazmine's, recording her behavior every 30 seconds.
  • How Big is an Elephant? Find out how tall an Asian elephant is, how much it weighs, how big its footprint is, how long its trunk is, etc. Use this information to create a representation of a full size elephant. You can draw it, cut rope to show its size or gather items that weigh as much as an elephant.
  • A Big Job: Interview someone who works with elephants, either in a zoo or in the wild. Find out about their job, what they studied in school, what they like and dislike about their career, and advice they have for girls who want to work with elephants too.

Take Action

  • *Saving Elephants: Learn about elephant conservation. Why are wild Asian elephants in trouble? What is being done to help them? Make a list of three things that your troop can do to help elephants and then do at least one of them.
  • Elephant Enrichment: What is enrichment and how does it help keep zoo elephants healthy and happy? Go to the zoo to observe elephants playing with enrichment items, attend zoo events (such as Elephant Conservation Day) to build enrichment items or make enrichment items for your troop’s pets at home.
  • A Big Idea: Develop a community service project that helps elephants at the Zoo or in the wild and involves the help of your entire troop.
  • Adopt an Elephant: Research organizations, such as the NM BioPark Society, that support elephants and elephant conservation, and then choose an elephant to sponsor as a troop.
  • Daizy’s Story: Lean more about Daizy. Read about her story and learn how scientists are working toward a cure for the EEHV virus.