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World Migratory Bird Day at the Botanic Garden

Celebrate these winged masters of long-distance travel at the ABQ BioPark.

May 17, 2018 - A number of migratory birds use the Rio Grande corridor and surrounding habitats as an avian superhighway each spring and fall. But many migratory species are now at risk worldwide.

Learn more about these long-distance fliers, how they survive journeys across extraordinary distances and what you can do to help at World Migratory Bird Day at the ABQ BioPark. The educational event will occur from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on May 19 at the Botanic Garden.

According to the American Bird Conservancy, more than one-third of the Americas' 340 migratory species are birds at risk, suffering measurable declines in population.

"Migrating birds face numerous threats during their long-distance journeys including pollution and even starvation," said Pamela Dupzyk, ABQ BioPark Aquarium/Botanic Garden education coordinator. "Among other things, attendees to this event can learn about bird conservation, how their actions matter, and how to make a bird-friendly backyard habitat that will benefit migrating species." 

Attendees can:

  • Learn how to identify birds and what type of binoculars and guides are best
  • Find out why bread is bad for birds and what foods are better choices
  • Discover how their actions matter to birds and what plants will encourage birds to come into their backyard
  • Learn about bird conservation through hands-on activities and displays
  • Make fun bird crafts

Attendees can also take a look at the Garden Showroom's new "bird-friendly" windows. A special film was installed on the windows so the birds can see them and avoid flying into the windows. 

The event is included with regular admission.