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Photo of the Week: March Flower Madness


Exotic blooms spice up the final week of winter.

March 14, 2014. Photo by Jon Stewart/ABQBioPark

The soft light that scatters through the glass of the Botanic Garden’s Mediterranean Conservatory is just what a gloxinia  needs to thrive. A close relative of the African violet, gloxinias have large fuzzy leaves and delightful flowers that can grow to 5 inches across. The colorful bell-shaped blooms range in color from blues and purples to bright red, and may be spotted or multicolored with white wells or rims.

With only a week until the official start of spring, we’re getting excited about the season of blooms! We’re even hosting two contests:

  1. Watch for “Name that Bloom” posts on Facebook and comment for your chance to win.
  2. Share your spring flower photos with us to enter the #bioparkblooms photo contest.

How are you celebrating spring’s imminent arrival? Tell us on Facebook.

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