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Grand Opening of Butterflies and Bees Exhibit

Revamped Butterfly Pavilion at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden to include more than 40 species of native pollinators.
Aug. 24, 2018 - Butterflies (and bees) are back at the ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden.
Today, the ABQ BioPark opened its "Butterflies and Bees" exhibit at the garden. The exhibit is open year-round and will eventually feature 40 species of butterflies and moths as well as other important pollinators like non-stinging native bees and fig beetles. 
"This innovative new exhibit combines the serenity of a butterfly house with eye-opening displays about our native pollinators and host plants," said Jason Schaller, ABQ BioPark curator of entomology. "One of the main focuses will be native bee ecology, which is poorly understood yet immensely important to the environment. It will take a while for this part of the exhibit to really blossom as we learn more about these intriguing creatures and their husbandry."
The exhibit also features a variety of native pollinator-friendly plants. Panels throughout the exhibit will educate visitors about pollinators' role in helping us grow the food we eat, their life cycles, how to create pollinator-friendly backyards and more. An education table in the exhibit will give visitors a chance to interact with BioPark staff and participate in hands-on learning.
The exhibit is located in the old "Butterfly Pavilion" at the garden. The new exhibit is focused on New Mexico native species, so it no longer will house exotic butterflies, but the addition of other pollinators like non-stinging bees and fig beetles will give visitors a chance to step into the world of pollinators.
During the winter, pollinators will not be active, but visitors can still come into the pavilion to view displays about how pollinators spend the winter.
The Department of Municipal Development and the New Mexico BioPark Society were both instrumental in the success of this project. In addition, the ABQ BioPark would like to give special thanks to the following groups and people:
  • Hartman Majewski Design Group, Architect
  • AnchorBuilt, Contractor
  • Stacy Herrera, Department of Municipal Development Construction Project Manager
  • Patrick Montoya, Department of Municipal Development Director
  • Holly Casman, ABQ BioPark Aquarium Manager
  • Jason Schaller, ABQ BioPark Curator of Entomology
  • Maria Thomas, ABQ BioPark Curator of Plants
  • Julie Miller-Rugg, New Mexico BioPark Society Executive Director 
  • Tim Keller, Mayor