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ABQ BioPark Continues International Partnership

Staff to talk about latest conservation trip to Zoo National d'Abidjan during Science Cafe presentation.

12/7/17 - Four ABQ BioPark staff journeyed to the Ivory Coast (Cote d'Ivoire) this October to continue a partnership with Zoo National d'Abidjan (ZNA).

The group will speak about their experiences during a Science Cafe at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 11 at Red Door Brewing Company's new location, 3517 Wyoming NE, Suite D.

The ABQ BioPark has been visiting ZNA since 2014 to help conserve the critically endangered West African slender-snouted crocodile.

The project is led by Supervisor of Herpetology Matt Eschenbrenner, and this year's trip included Eschenbrenner, Zookeeper Supervisor Chaz Moxley, Aquarist Adam Clark, and Communications Officer Tina Deines.

"This project is very near and dear to my heart," said Eschenbrenner. "What started as a mission to help critically endangered crocodiles has grown to encompass numerous species of animals, two zoological facilities on different sides of the world, countless individuals from multiple countries and many dedicated BioPark staff."

Highlights of the trip included adult and juvenile crocodile exams, maintenance on crocodile and hippo pool filtration systems, continuing inventory and enrichment making for birds. The group also presented information about the multi-year project alongside crocodile conservationist and Project Mecistops founder Matt Shirley at the U.S. Embassy in Abidjan.

The trip is funded by the New Mexico BioPark Society. The BioPark hopes to bring four ZNA staff to Albuquerque in spring 2018 to train at the zoo.

The ABQ BioPark would like to thank NMBPS, Matt Shirley, Project Mecistops and the City of Albuquerque for their support.

Images: 2017 Trip