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Self-Guided Groups

Please review this important information so that you and your students have an enjoyable learning experience!

We are very pleased you chose to visit the Albuquerque Museum. Since you are a self-guided group we have some special requests.

  1. Please assemble your group before entering the Museum and enter in an orderly fashion.
  2. Groups larger than 20 students will need to be divided into smaller sub-groups and at all times must be under adult supervision.
  3. Inform your students about museums and their special rules. Museums are places they can visit to see unique and rare objects. These objects need extra attention and care to preserve them for people living many years into the future. Students can help us preserve them by not touching them.  
  4. Bring proper adult supervision; 1 adult per 8-12 children. Additional adults are welcome (including teachers) but will be charged admission fees if they exceed 10 adults.  Please advise chaperones of their responsibilities to stay with the group and to maintain discipline.  Ask them to silence their cell phones upon arrival to the museum.
  5. We may have Docent Guided gallery tours scheduled during your visit, if needed, please check with Information Clerk to avoid any area conflicts with other groups.
  6. If there is a planned assignment, please make the necessary adjustments. Only pencils are allowed in the galleries.  Backpacks are not allowed in the gallery spaces with students or chaperones.  If possible, please leave these items on your bus as there is limited storage space.
  7. Food, beverages (including water) are not allowed in gallery.
  8. Our galleries are public learning spaces. Please remind your students to use their “inside” voice and to walk slowly to show respect for others in the gallery.
  9. Security officers are located through the Museum galleries to protect the objects. They may approach you if your group’s behavior is endangering the objects.

If you would like to register for a guided tour, please call the Education Department two weeks in advance at 505-764-6502. Additional information about guided tours can be found HERE.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to talk to the staff at the admissions desk. Enjoy your visit!