Live Comments for November 15, 2021 City Council Meeting

If you signed up to provide live public comments, follow the instructions below.


  • In response to the ongoing Public Health Emergency, the City Council Meeting on Monday, November 15 at 3:00 PM will be held via Zoom video conference. The agenda for the meeting will be posted on the City Council website on Friday, November 12 at

  • Written Comments: The Council will take general public comment and comment on the meeting’s specific agenda items in written form via email through 1:00 pm on Monday, November 15. Web form submission for written public comment can be found at These comments will be distributed to all Councilors for review in advance of the meeting.

  • Virtual, Live Comments: The Council will take general public comment on any topic, including agenda items, from up to a maximum of 30 people, on a first-come first-serve basis.  To provide real time verbal public comment over Zoom, participants must sign up for public comment by 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 15. The sign-up sheet can be accessed below.

    • Note: Participants must sign up for public comment with the Zoom username or phone number that you will use to enter the Zoom meeting so that you can be identified when accessing the meeting. Persons who do not provide this information will not be allowed into the meeting, but may still view the meeting via the YouTube live link.
  • Participants will be an Attendee in the Zoom Webinar until the public comment period begins. The Zoom moderator will move you into the meeting room as Panelist when it’s your turn to provide public comments.
    • Access the Zoom waiting room by following this link, entering the room information manually, or by calling in via telephone:
    • Participants will be able to view the meeting via Zoom while waiting for public comments, but participants can also watch on GOV TV or YouTube live:
  • Once called upon for public comment, the participants will be able to unmute themselves and turn on their camera.
  • If you are also watching on YouTube, please note that the YouTube stream lags approximately 10 seconds behind the Zoom meeting. Please mute or pause the YouTube stream once you are in the Zoom meeting room to avoid feedback between the Zoom meeting room and YouTube broadcast.
  • Public comment will be limited to 1 1/2 minutes, which starts when you begin speaking. You will be informed by the Council President when the 1 1/2 minutes have concluded, at which point your microphone will be muted and your camera will be turned off.
  • Participants will be moved back to Attendee of Webinar once your comment period has ended.

Public Comment ground rules:

  • Each participant has 1 1/2 minutes to present.
  • Comments are to be addressed to the Councilors only, through the Council President.
  • Any disruptive conduct will result in removal from the Zoom Webinar.