Highlighted Legislation

Councilor Harris’ Landmark Legislation


R-15-4 Relating to Capital Projects; Creating an Indian School Road and Chelwood Road Safety Improvement Project and Appropriating Funds in the Transportation Infrastructure Tax Fund

R-16-13 Approving the East Gateway Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan


R-15-168 Creating a Task Force to Review the Charter of the City of Albuquerque and Make Recommendations on Certain Potential Revisions

O-15-54 Amending the Accountability in Government Ordinance; Providing Further Guidance for the Issuance and Publication of Audit and Investigatory Reports

R-15-239 Making an Appropiation to the Animal Welfare Department to Provide for Four Additional Animal Behavior/Adoption Specialist Positions in Fiscal Year 2016


O-13-1 Deterring The Sale Of Vapor Products

R-15-115 Adopting The Route 66 Action Plan As A Rank II Facility Plan

O-14-31 Amending Section 10-5-6 Of The Revised Ordinances Of Albuquerque Relating To The Placement Of Public Art (Benton, Harris)

R-14-31 Declared the Fourth Saturday in June "Albuquerque Adoption Appreciation Day" To Show Support For The Families Of Children Youth And Families Department (CYFD) Adoptions And For Families That Adopt Children On National Adoption Day (Harris, Sanchez)

R-14-82 Adopting the Resource Management Plan for the Tijeras Arroyo Biological Zone as a Rank II Facility Plan

R-14-113 Recognizing the Significance of the Historic Site Adjacent to the Singing Arrow Community Center, Known as Rancho De Carnué, in order to Recognize and Preserve the Archaeological and Cultural Significance of the Site, and Designate it Worthy of Additional Archaeological Investigations, Preservation, and Interpretation.


R-13-189 Which Declared The Fourth Saturday In June “Albuquerque Adoption Appreciation Day” To Show Support For The Families Of Children Youth And Families Department (CYFD) Adoptions And For Families That Adopt Children On National Adoption Day

O-13-1 Deterring the Sale of Vapor Products to Minors

R-13-217 Calling For A Comparative Survey Of The Salaries And Staffing Levels Of Albuquerque Police Department Officers And The Officers Of Other Local And Regional Law Enforcement Agencies And Designating Funds To Be Used To Contract With A Firm For Completion Of The Survey

R-13-214 Funding To Complete The Tijeras Arroyo Bio-Zone Plan, Establishing A Steering Committee To Assist In Implementing The Plan And Maintaining The Bio Zone

R-13-212 Reserving Funding Within The General Fund 110 To Provide For Salary Increases And Recruitment And Retention Incentive Programs For Albuquerque’s Police Officers, Subject To The Collective Bargaining Process

R-13-138 Making An Appropriation To The Chief Administrative Office For The Creation Of A Position To Provide Analysis And Data To The Independent Review Office And The Police Oversight Commission In Furtherance Of The Goal Of Identifying Long-Term Trends And Recommending Policy Reform