Current Projects

Councilor Harris’ Vision for a Stronger Community

In an effort to make District 9 more inviting, Councilor Harris is prioritizing projects to:

  • Incentive Economic Development
    • introduce new activity hubs
    • revitalize the Route 66 Corridor
  • Improve Quality of Life for residents
    • clean up and rebuild current parks
    • support our little leagues
    • utilize our unique open space
  • Encourage Community Services
    • prioritize a community center in the center of the district
    • revitalize the public library

Economic Development

Revitalization of the Route 66 Corridor will require a combination of public and private investments in the area. Councilor Harris believes that small businesses are the backbone to any local economy including East Gateway. By working with business owners and associations in the area, the perception of the Route 66 region will change, allowing for a more inviting neighborhood for families.

East Gateway

One of the first projects that Councilor Harris started on was the development of a comprehensive, results oriented plan to positively change the Central corridor. Councilor Harris has secured $3.8 million for the projects in the East Gateway area through GO Bonds that have been passed by the voters.

Currently the City of Albuquerque is working with developers and professionals to establish a plan on how to revitalize this important area.

R-16-13 was approved by the City Council. View the East Gateway Project Page.

Quality of Life Projects

Juan Tabo Hills Connectivity Study

This study seeks to analyze ways to improve connectivity from the Juan Tabo Hills community to the larger roadway network and to reduce the amount of cut through traffic in surrounding neighborhoods.

Southern Blvd (between Eubank and Juan Tabo

We have heard your requests for street lights along this stretch of road.  In the FY17 Capital Budget we were able to secure funding for this project.  The project is scheduled to begin on May 1st and finish by August 18, 2017.

Juan Tabo Hills Park

With community interest Councilor Harris secured funding for a design of a new park in the Juan Tabo Hills Neighborhood.  Approximately 2.9 acres of the 8.75 acres would be used for a dog park. View the plans and meeting notes.This project will be completed in four phases, Councilor Harris has secured funding for the first two phases. Construction is scheduled to start by September 2018.

Manzano Mesa Pickleball Courts

Fully funded Regional Facility that will include 18 pickleball courts.  Construction to be completed by the end of April 2017. Information for the ribbon cutting will be available soon. View the plans.

Mile High Little League

As the oldest little league in City of Albuquerque, Mile High is home to families from all over District 9. Working with the President and the board of Mile High LL, Councilor Harris and the City of Albuquerque are designing a plan that outline the next twenty years. The concession stand and the new field designs will bring new attention to this historic landmark.

Zia Little League

Zia Little League sits among some of the district’s greatest assets including the Manzano Mesa Multi-generational Center and parks. This little league is home to families from several school districts and the southern part of District 9. Councilor Harris is in the process of securing funding for new signage and recently worked with State Legislators on funding for the shade canopy and lighting in 2016 and 2017. 

Four Hills Park

This new park is built off of Running Water and Stagecoach. This one acre park is a hidden gem in this well established neighborhood. 

Councilor Harris is currently working with the Department of Municipal Development to address concerns at the entrance/exit of the park.

Open Space Protection

Using conservation easements and purchasing new land in order to protect it from further development will ensure future generations can also benefit from open space. The Biozone is the first step to building the open space holdings, but there is more to be done. People from all over the city come to these areas to hike, picnic, and take their kids.

The Tijeras Arroyo – Biozone Open Space

One of the most unique open spaces in Albuquerque sits in District 9. Nestled between Four Hills, Hidden Valley, Four Hills North, and Singing Arrow – the Biozone represents the four major ecological zones that should be preserved and protected for generations to come.

Family and Community Services

Jeanne Bellamah Community Center

The Jeanne Bellamah Community Center is in the heart of the district, just west of Juan Tabo and south of Constitution. Councilor Harris secured $1.7 million to expand and repurpose this facility. Today it is open to the public and offers a wide range of services and opportunities for local residents. Learn more about the recent improvements.

Singing Arrow Community Center

Singing Arrow Community Center is located in the southern region of District 9 in the historic Singing Arrow neighborhood. This community center is heavily used and Councilor Harris secured funding throughout the last five years to construct a new center that would increase services it provides to this area of the city. 

Alternative Response Center (ARS)

One acre of land, in the Juan Tabo Hills area, has been gifted to the City to build a fire station. With the support of Fire Chief Downey, Councilor Harris is interested in exploring the possibility for an Alternative Response Station on this site. Design for the Center is underway, reviewable plans will be available soon.