Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park Trail Extension

The trail extension project will extend the existing paved Paseo de las Montanas Trail to the San Pedro Drive bike facilities.

Project Summary

City Councilor Diane Gibson and the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department held a public meeting on June 29, 2021 regarding the Tom Bolack Urban Forest Park Trail Extension project, which will extend the existing paved Paseo de las Montanas Trail to the San Pedro Drive bike facilities.  The improvements will begin east of the dog park and will connect to the existing bicycle facilities at San Pedro Drive and Zimmerman Avenue. 

  • The new paved trail will be 10 ft wide, which will require extension of the existing storm drain pipe at the “pinch point” west of the dog park to accommodate the full width.   
  • Lighting at the dog park will be supplemented along the trail to the west using solar pedestrian light fixtures.
  • The design intent is to preserves trees as much as possible.

Estimated Project Cost: $355,857

Funding Sources:  $305,857 - District 7 GO Bond Set-Asides, contributed by Councilor Gibson

                              $50,000 - State Legislative Capital Outlay, sponsored by State Representative Christine Trujillo

Project Contact

Diane Dolan, Special Projects Analyst: [email protected] Office - 505-768-3186, Mobile - 505-452-7669

Public Meeting

On June 29, 2021 Councilor Gibson and the Parks & Recreation Department hosted a public meeting to present the design concept and solicit public input.

Click here to view the presentation materials.

Q & A from the meeting

Q: Will the project include repaving or filling of cracks on the existing trail?

A: Maintenance work on the existing trail will not be included in this project, but the project team will request that this be added to the trails maintenance list.  (Capital funds are being used for the new trail, but capital funds cannot be used for maintenance work so repaving or filling of cracks must be completed separate from this project.)


Q: Will additional trash cans be installed?

A: This request will be strongly considered as design progresses; additional trash cans are not currently included in the project. 


Q: Will the park be closed at any point during construction?

A: The intent is to close the trail portion but maintain access to the park. 


Q: When will construction start and how long will it take?

A: The goal is for construction to begin in late 2021.  Construction is anticipated to last about 45 days for the main project.  Minor corrections could take place after the trail is inspected and opened.


Q: Will the trail be higher than the existing gravel path?

A: The height of the trail will match the existing trail, which is slightly higher, to allow for water to drain off the path onto the surrounding gravel.


Q: Will new plants be added?

A: The project team will work through the department’s Forestry Initiative to plant additional trees in the park.  The team will also explore adding landscaping on the west end of the project near San Pedro Drive.


Q: Some of the existing landscaping and trees appear to be dying and do not seem to be getting sufficient water.  Will the project address this?

A: Maintenance items are not included in the project, but the team will ask the Forestry Division in Parks & Recreation to assess the existing vegetation.


Q: The bicycle/pedestrian crossing at San Pedro Drive and Indian School Road is difficult and the crossing signal can take an excessive amount of time.  Can something be done about this?

A: Councilor Gibson’s office will work with the Traffic Engineering Division to identify potential improvements to this crossing as a separate effort.

Let us know your thoughts!

Please submit comment on the proposed improvements and design to Diane Dolan at [email protected] by Friday, July 16, 2021.