Vacant, Abandoned, and Substandard Properties (VASP) Working Group

VASP Working Group is focused on vacant, abandoned, and substandard properties in the City of Albuquerque.

Duties and Responsibilities 

The Vacant, Abandoned, Substandard Properties (VASP) Working Group was established by City Council through the recommendation of the Vacant and Abandoned Houses Task Force. The VASP Working Group meets on a regular basis and provide quarterly progress reports and recommendations to the Mayor and City Council. The VASP is tasked with the following:

  • Obtain data pertinent to vacant, abandoned, and substandard properties.
  • Monitor and support the code lien foreclosure initiative implemented by the Planning Department.
  • Determine where and how to "land bank" properties obtained through the code lien foreclosure process and determine disposition plans of such properties.
  • Monitor the collation, mapping, and updates of data sets for all vacant, abandoned, and substandard properties in Albuquerque.
  • Analyze how the City should identify the top 100 vacant, abandoned, and substandard properties and how to move these properties into outcome-driven categories, such as, foreclosure, land bank, ADAPT, etc. within a designated time frame.
  • Determine and define if and what is the best use of a land bank in Albuquerque to remedy neighborhoods impacted by vacant and abandoned properties.


Substandard Properties for longer than 12 months, as of October 2019:


Quarterly Reports


VASP Working Group membership includes:

  1. Staff member from each the City Council Office and Mayor's Office
  2. Staff member from the City Legal Department
  3. Two staff members from the City Planning Department
  4. Staff member from the Real Property Department
  5. Staff member from ADAPT
  6. Staff member from the Office of Neighborhood Coordination
  7. Staff member from Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency
  8. Staff member from Family and Community Services, Community Development Division
  9. Staff member from County Treasurer's Office
  10. Member from Greater Albuquerque Association of Realtor's 
  11. Member from Albuquerque Housing Authority 

Contact Information

Nicole Taylor, Senior Council Policy Analyst - 505-768-3114, [email protected] 

Abigail Stiles, Policy Analyst for Councilor Diane Gibson - 505-768-3136, [email protected]