Fire Chief Dow Shares Information on Fireworks Ahead of Fourth of July

Fireworks restrictions are in place and Albuquerque Fire Rescue explains how they will respond

Fireworks Sales & Use

The scale and use of fireworks in the State of New Mexico is regulated by the State's "Fireworks Licensing and Safety Act," Chapter 60-2C-8.1 NMSA and City Ordinance. The State statute expressly removed from municipalities their general authority to regulate fireworks and replaced it with limited authority to regulate the use of "aerial" and "ground audible devices." 

The City of Albuquerque Fire Code prohibits the possession, sale, or use of all aerial and ground audible devices within the city limits.

Examples of Aerial Devices include:

  • Aerial Spinners
  • Helicopters
  • Mines
  • Missile-type Rockets
  • Roman Candles
  • Shells
  • Stick Type Rockets
  • Chasers

Examples of Ground Audible Devices include:

  • Chasers
  • Firecrackers

Examples of Permissible Fireworks include:

  • Cone Fountains
  • Crackling Devices
  • Cylindrical Fountains
  • Flitter Sparklers
  • Ground Spinners
  • Illuminating Torches
  • Toy Smoke Devices
  • Wheels

Permissible fireworks should only by used on paved surfaces or barren area. A water source should be readily accessible at all times by person choosing to utilize legal fireworks.

By law, all fireworks are required to have warning labels. A general rule of thumb as to whether fireworks are aerial devices, ground audible devices or permissible fireworks is to examine the labels on each device.

Fireworks will be identified as legal or illegal by the label:

"WARNING" - Illegal in the City of Albuquerque

"CAUTION" - legal and therefore permissible within city limits

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