Councilor Borrego Thanks The Office of Emergency Preparedness for Community Emergency Training

Councilor Borrego attended the training with community members on June 29th.

City Councilor Cynthia Borrego thanks The Office of Emergency Preparedness for this important training on June 29, 2019 in District 5. Roger Ebert and staff did an amazing job informing the community of the purpose of the Emergency Management Program, the importance of involving the community in disaster relief training as it relates to Albuquerque, how to create a disaster relief plan for your family, and how to create a stock of Emergency and Health Supplies for your home and car. A clear evacuation plan is also an important part of the safe practice strategy. The importance of these safety practices are designed to help both your family and your neighbors, as Government outreach may not always be available in the event communications are compromised. A three day to two week emergency supply is recommended for survival purposes. This training is not intended to instill fear, simply to assist the community in being well informed, prepared and safe in the event of a catastrophic community disaster or real threat.

Community Emergency Preparedness Training