City Councilor Cynthia D. Borrego Secures Free WiFi Hotspots in District 5

City has announced expansion of free hotspots, including in District 5.

December 23, 2020

In response to requests from residents in Council District 5, City Councilor Cynthia Borrego worked with the City of Albuquerque Department of Technology and Innovation to identify and ensure the installment of additional WiFi hotspots on Albuquerque’s NW Mesa. WiFi can now be accessed at Ventana Ranch Park at 10000 Universe Blvd, due to the Councilor’s efforts. It joins the other NW Mesa City sponsored hotspot at Taylor Ranch Library, 5700 Bogart St NW at Unser and Montano. CNM West hosts another WiFi hotspot in their parking lot at 10549 Universe Blvd. NW.

“I'm delighted to add another hotspot for free wireless internet access in District 5, in the area of Ventana Ranch,” said Councilor Borrego. “In cooperation with the Administration, we’re providing expanded opportunities for our kids to continue their education. Supporting families and students is a priority for me and adding this hotspot makes the internet more accessible for them. I'm excited to see this dream become a reality and fill a gap in District 5 residential areas” Councilor Borrego exclaimed. “The Ventana Ranch Park area provides a great opportunity for this expansion!”

“The Ventana Ranch Park WiFi marks another step-in bringing internet access to all parts of our City, as we work to overcome barriers to health, education, and economic inclusion,” said Brian Osterloh, Director of the Department of Technology and Innovation. “I greatly appreciate Councilor Borrego’s input for this location and look forward to expanding the service in District 5 and other City Districts.”

For list of all City free WiFi hotspots, visit: