District 5 Street Projects

Summary of street projects prioritized by City Council President Cynthia D. Borrego.

Paseo del Norte Widening Project, Rainbow Boulevard to Calle Norteña

Planning and design for widening Paseo del Norte west from Calle Norteña to Rainbow Boulevard are underway.  To date over $19.6 million in City and State funds have been appropriated to the project. This includes, $12,750,000 in City of Albuquerque Gross Receipts Transportation Tax Dollars, $6,078,864 in State Capital Outlay Funding (garnered by the Northwest Mesa’s NM State Legislators), and $871,014.00 in City General Obligation Bond Funds.  Council President Borrego and members of the Northwest Mesa NM Legislative Delegation are working to secure the final required funding for Paseo’s expansion, approximately $6,300,122 to reach the total estimated project cost of ~$26,000,000.

The project planning and design team has studied the existing roadway conditions, traffic patterns, development plans, and growth projections for the area.  Design concepts for several widening options that address these needs are being developed and evaluated.  Analysis of right-of-way needs for the widening, along with construction costs, environmental issues, and future utility expansions is underway so as to provide data to evaluate design concepts.   The Councilor and the Department of Municipal Development will be scheduling public involvement meetings to obtain input from interested citizens in the upcoming year. 

Unser Boulevard Widening Project, Kimmick Drive to Paradise Boulevard

Planning and design for widening Unser Blvd between Paradise and Kimmick are underway. To date over $16,375,000 in local and federal funds have been appropriated to the project. This includes $14,053,000 in Federal Gas Tax Funds assigned to the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area and $2,324,000 in local general obligation bonds.  Council President Borrego is working with members of the New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation to secure the final required funding of approximately $9,625,000 to meet the estimated total cost of ~$26,000,000. The project proposes to widen Unser Boulevard from a two-lane roadway (one lane in each direction) to a four-lane roadway (two-lanes in each direction) from Kimmick Drive to Paradise Boulevard, to include a multi-modal pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians. To date, the project team has completed field work to survey the area and identify property lines and utilities the project team is currently using existing conditions information to develop and evaluate roadway layout and alignment options in an Alternatives Analysis/Design Analysis Report that is scheduled to be published in the summer 2021 and will include an opportunity for public review and comment.

McMahon Blvd Expansion Project

The design of McMahon Blvd’s street expansion from Rockcliff to Anasazi Ridge and a little west of Anasazi Ridge, is underway at a cost of $667,246 to be completed this 2021 end of year.  McMahon’s design was funded by 2019 State Capital Outlay in the amount of $300,000 and 2019 GO Bond funded Department of Municipal Development Westside Arterial Funding. Total construction cost is estimated to be between $4.0-$4.5 million, depending on drainage improvements deemed needed by the design document.  The upcoming 2021 GO Bond election in November includes a line item for the construction of McMahon in the amount of $3 million to be applied to McMahon’s construction costs if approved by voters.  Additionally, the 2020 State Legislature assigned $300,000 to the project and the 2021 State Legislature allocated another $150,000 for a total of $3,450,000 for McMahon’s construction, should the bond be approved.  Councilor Borrego continues to advocate for additional funding to the Northwest Mesa NM Legislative Delegation and other sources for funding to complete McMahon’s expansion. McMahon’s expansion is necessitated by a sudden narrowing and bending known to cause driver confusion in the road section crossing Calabacillas arroyo at Kayenta.

Westside Blvd. Expansion

Westside Blvd. expansion between Golf Course Rd. NW to N.M. 528’s full construction began on May 10, 2021 to be completed in the Summer of 2022 with a price tag of $10,000,000 paid in matching funds between federal and municipal sources, including $2 million in funding from 2019 GO Bonds. The project includes construction to expand the roadway’s capacity, additional bicycle lanes in each direction, a pedestrian foot path, as well as median landscaping and lighting.  Albuquerque City Councilor Borrego addressed pressing resident concerns for increased noise pollution by allocating an additional $2.1 million from Council District 5 set-aside GO Bond funds to potentially construct noise mitigation measures after Westside is expanded, when areas of need are best accessed.  To submit comments, concerns and questions concerning Westside Blvd. expansion project, please contact Patti Watson, Westside Blvd. Engineer of cwa consultants, at 505-245-3134 (direct office), 505-269-9691 (cell), [email protected] 

Irving Boulevard: Rio Los Pinos Dr. to La Paz Drive

The segment of Irving from Rio Los Pinos Dr. NW west to the intersection of La Paz Dr. NW/Pyrenees is partially fronted by single family residential homes.  Residents continuously advocate for traffic calming and multi-modal improvements. In the summer of 2021, the office of City Council President Borrego will begin a safety study for the corridor. The study will assess and make recommendations for traffic calming, pedestrian and bicycle improvements that could include reducing lane widths, constructing roundabouts, expanding bike lanes, installing medians to slow traffic, installing sidewalks, and other potential measures to help improve the quality of life for the residents who reside along Irving while maintaining Irving as a viable commuter route. The cost of the study is $36,026.59 to be paid for by Council District 5 set-aside GO Bond funds.

Rainbow Blvd Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Safety Study

Council President Borrego is sponsoring a study of Rainbow Blvd from Paseo del Norte to the southern property line of Volcano Vista High School.  Residents of the neighborhoods adjacent to Rainbow Blvd between Paseo del Norte and Woodmont Ave report consistent speeding through the corridor.  Students at Tony Hillerman Middle School, Tierra Antigua Elementary School, and Volcano Vista High School walk along Rainbow Blvd, a curvilinear course, and often cross mid-block and/or at locations without marked crosswalks. The combination of curves in the roadway and unpredictable pedestrian activity contribute to concerns for reduced visibility and increased risks. The study will consider a variety of alternatives, including improving access to and safety of pedestrian crossings near schools and intersections, re-striping the roadway to reduce speeds and improve the visibility of pedestrians, and identifying potential new crossings at unmarked locations where pedestrians frequently prefer to cross.  The Cost of the study is $44,773 funded from District 5 Street set-aside GO Bond Funds.

Rancho Sereno/Las Terrazas Traffic Calming

Council President Borrego is sponsoring a study of multiple streets in the Rancho Sereno and Las Terrazas neighborhoods including Rancho Sereno Rd, Rancho Milagro Rd, Las Terrazas St, Calle Norteña, and Rancho Grande Pl. Neighborhood residents report consistent speeding on these streets, particularly on internal circulation corridors that front the backs of homes.  Because houses back onto the neighborhood street network, the area does not qualify for traditional neighborhood traffic management planning (NTMP).  These streets additionally provide the only emergency vehicle routes of access to the interior neighborhoods thereby eliminating speed bump installation options.  Due to excessive speeding, resident’s describe feeling unsafe walking and bicycling from their neighborhood to nearby parks outside of the neighborhood’s complex walls.  The expected cost of the study is $44,482 to be funded from District 5 street’s set-aside GO bond funds. 

Universe Boulevard Traffic Safety Study

Council President Borrego Sponsored City of Albuquerque Resolution R-21-161 which adopted as a priority for the City of Albuquerque the implementation of traffic safety measures on Universe Boulevard between Ventana Hills Road and Irving Boulevard. This segment of Universe is experiencing a number of traffic safety issues, including difficulty for drivers entering and exiting the roadway from Ventana Rd./Country Knoll Road, speeding along the corridor and vehicle crashes at both the intersections of Universe and Ventana Hills Rd. and at Universe and Irving Blvd. At a cost of $34,054, Councilor Borrego funded a flashing light signal’s installation at Ventana Rd. and Universe to warn drivers on Universe of cross through traffic and ease the concerns of residents turning from the neighborhood during rush hours onto Universe. The Universe Safety Study with expanded boundaries from Rainbow to McMahon commenced September 2021. The Study's total cost with expanded boundaries is $72,353.52 funded by Council District 5 Street Set-Aside GO Bonds.

Taylor Ranch/Golf Course Road Corridor Study

The City of Albuquerque Council District 5 Office, in partnership with the Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG), is conducting a Complete Streets Planning Study on Taylor Ranch Road/Golf Course Road between Montaño Road and Westside Boulevard. The study seeks to determine safety issues and challenges for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities along the corridor. The principal goals of the study are to inventory the existing conditions, identify safety concerns, document gaps in the pedestrian and bicycle networks, and present recommendations for roadway improvements, as well as recommend character enhancements along the corridor. The study is underway at a cost of $118,000 allocated in the 2020 City of Albuquerque Budget clean-up bill R-20-118.

The City contracted with Bohannan Huston, Inc. to conduct the study. Please contact Aaron Sussman, Vice President of Planning at Bohannan Huston at [email protected] or 505-923-3341 with comments or questions.  Updates will be posted at the project website and recommendations may also submitted through the website at https://www.cabq.gov/council/find-your-councilor/district-5/complete-streets-planning-study-on-taylor-ranch-road-and-golf-course-road

Kimmick Traffic Calming

Residents are experiencing significant cut through traffic, and speeding on Kimmick from Rosa Parks to Unser.  These driver behaviors are expected to increase when Paseo del Norte undergoes expansion construction.  Council President Borrego met with neighborhood leadership and discussed options to improve the road’s safety and its experience while discouraging excessive cut-through traffic.  The City Department of Municipal Development is looking at traffic calming options to possibly include the addition of bicycle lanes. The project cost is $7,737.50 funded from Council District 5 set-aside GO Bond funds.  Intersections along the corridor such as Urraca are being evaluated for improvements to sight lines.    

Black Arroyo Re-striping

The Saltillo neighborhood contacted Council President Borrego concerned for the wavy and confusing pattern of stripping on Black Arroyo from Calandrias to Unser.  Councilor Borrego authorized a re-striping Design at a cost of $12,000 funded from District 5 Streets Set-aside Go bond funds to be closely followed closely by Black Arroyo’s re-striping.

Conestoga Dr., Kettle Rd., and Sooner Trl. Speed Study

Residents reported excessive driver speeds through their Conestoga Dr. neighborhood to Council President Borrego.  The Department of Municipal Development called out Kettle Rd. and Sooner Trl. as streets involved in the overall cause of negative driver behaviors in the area.  Council President Borrego funded the Conestoga Dr., Kettle Rd., and Sooner Trl. study in the amount of $16,560 from District 5 Street Set-aside GO Bond funds prior to the COVID-19 Health Orders.  The study is on hold until schools resume operations and commuter traffic normalizes expected to occur this Fall 2021.

Dover St. Traffic Calming Measures

From District 5 Streets set-aside, Council President Borrego funded the installation of Dover St. Traffic Calming raised pavement markers (RPM) in the amount of $12,504 from Council District 5 set-aside funds.  The RPM’s installation was in response to repeated reports of speeding through the Dover neighborhood.  Dover is steep and car’s increase in speed as it declines in grade. 

Tesuque Dr. Speed Study

Council President Borrego funded in the amount of $8,807 the speed study on Tesuque Dr. in response to resident’s concern for speeding from District 5 Street’s set-aside GO Bond funds.  Though the street qualified for and received speed bumps via. the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) several years ago, speeding continues to be a concern.  The Tesuque speed study was authorized prior to the COVID-19 Health Orders and was on hold until school resumed and commuter traffic normalized. It commenced this Fall 2021.