District 1 Councilor Expenses

Summary of purchases for Council District 1.

Each City Councilor shall be allocated a maximum amount of $20,000 (Budget for FY21 included an additional $30,000 for a total of $50,000) for Council expenses related to discretionary constituent outreach, including but not limited to mailing/notification expenses, District meetings, and small event sponsorship to governmental or not-for-profit entities. 

The annual amount shall be calculated on a fiscal year basis from July 1 to June 30.

Council District 1

FY 2021

Date Purpose Amount
11/10/2020 Albuquerque Woodworkers Association $1,000.00
2/25/2021 Illegal Dumping Campaign $2,500.00
  Total $3,500.00

FY 2020

Date Purpose Amount
7/17/2019 Sparx Lorenzo Antonio Foundation Sponsorship (Split w/Councilors Peña and Borrego) $1,000.00
8/11/2019 Lowrider Appreciation Night @ Isotopes Park (Split w/Councilor Peña) $672.10
9/16/2019 VPO Mail Out (Split w/Councilor Peña) $42.00
9/16/2019 West Fest Barricades (SW Safety Services) $1,031.29
9/16/2019 Sponsorship to Opera Southwest $3,000.00
11/4/2019 New Mexico Music Hall of Fame Sponsorship $2,000.00
11/7/2019 Veteran's Breakfast (Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Gloria's) (Split w/Councilors Peña &  Borrego) $172.22
11/21/2019 West Central Community Development Group (WCCDG) West Side Day Sponsorship $1,000.00
12/12/2019 Convention Center Albuquerque (SMG) Angel Tree Lighting/Refreshments $560.00
1/13/2019 Brett Rodriguez Memorial Reception; SCPP 8K Rental Fee for January 10, 2020 $300.00
  Total  $9,777.61