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September 2023 Community Policing Webinar Recording

View the Community Policing Council webinar recordings from all six area commands SW, FH, NW, NW, SE and VA
  • Valley
    • September 28, 2023
      • Albuquerque’s Specialty and Treatment Courts (with a presentation from Young Adult Court
        personnel), discussion led by Deirdre Ewing
  • Southeast Cancelled 
    • September 21, 2023


  • Northwest
    • September 20, 2033
      • Deidre Ewing will speak on the court systems, specialty courts and the New
        Mexico Defense
      • Lt. Amy Sedler works under Commander A. Jones in the Investigative Services
        Division leading the Property Crimes Section which includes the Auto Theft Unit.
        Amy will discuss auto theft in Albuquerque, what is going on and how we can


  • Northeast
    • September 12. 2023
      • Deputy Chief Joshua Brown of Field Services


  • Foothills
    • September 11, 2023
      • John DeBuck: Presentation for Responses to ACTIVE SHOOTER. Mr. DeBuck is retired
        Captain from APD. He has given multiple presentations for ACTIVE SHOOTER, locally and