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October 2023 Community Policing Council webinar recordings

View the Community Policing Council recordings from the six area commands - SW, FH, NE, NW, SE, VA
  • Valley
    • October 26
      • Chief Harold Medina -yearly report
        Violence Intervention Program. Albuquerque Community Safety Serena Fazio, Division
        Manager Special Operations and Angel Garcia, VIP Social Services co-coordinator.
        APD detectives from the VIP team, directed by Deputy Commander Jason Janopoulos.
  • Southeast 
    • October 19
  • Northwest 
    • October 18
      • Sandra Atwood from Damsels in Defense will speak regarding personal safety
        and measures we can take to keep ourselves secure when out and about,
        whether shopping, walking or in our homes. Force does not need to be lethal to
        be effective
  • Foothills
    • October 9
      • Dave Bartram, Master Police Officer 1C, APD Firearms Instructor. Presentation on
  • Southwest
    • October 4
      • DA Sam Bregman. Mr. Bregman will talk about the DA’s office new initiative to
        prosecute all shoplifting cases