October 2021 CPC Meetings

View meeting recordings from the Community Policing Council.

October Area Command Meeting Recordings

  • Valley 
    • APD Chief Medina: Year-End Report: Successes, Initiatives, and Challenges
  • Southeast
    • APD Chief Medina
    • Albuquerque Vision Zero
    • Mayor’s Crime Reduction Plan (this presentation does not constitute an endorsement)
    • Nichole Rogers, Office of Equity and Inclusion
  • Northwest
    • Albuquerque Vision Zero 
    • Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC)
  • Northeast
    • Acting Commander Matt Dietzel with APD’s Crisis Intervention Division
    • Mariela Ruiz-Angel, the Director of the Albuquerque Community Safety Department.
  • Foothills 
    • Commander Rich Evans, External Force Investigation Team
    • Lt Jennifer Garcia, the Ambassador Program
    •  Commander Nick Wheeler, Vision Zero
  • Southwest
    • October 6, 2021 - Claudia Medina - South Valley Steering Committee addressing and preventing Interpersonal Violence in the southwest                                                                                                 Marta Pereira - Deputy Director of Client Services with Enclace Communitario a Domestic Violence Organization providing resources for survivors and their families