February 2022 CPC Webinar Recordings

View webinar recordings from the Community Policing Councils.

February Area Command Webinar Recordings

  • Valley 
    • February 24, 2022
      • Barron Jones representing APD Forward Officer Conor Coleman, APD Downtown Safety District


  • Southeast
    •  February 17, 2022
      • Cristina Parajon Gateway Center progress and plans


  • Northwest
    • February 16, 2022
      • Ann Edenfield: Executive Director and Founder, Wings for Life International; a foundation that transforms lives to break the circle of incarceration

      • Angel Garcia: Social Services Coordinator, City of Albuquerque Violence Intervention Program

      • Mitch Anderson: Director, Dismas Charities, a Halfway House for ex-offenders returning to society.


  • Foothills
    • February 14, 2022
      • Lisa Huval, Albuquerque City Deputy Director of  Homelessness and Housing

      • Guest Manager of a NGO Working With Hotel/Motel  Vouchers


  • Northeast 
    • February 8, 2022
      • Sgt. Hoisington and Commander Renae McDermott -  Albuquerque Police Academy


  • Southwest
    • February 2, 2022
      • Welcome Commander Barraza - Introduction & Updates in the South West

      • Harold J. Medina, Chief of Police - Updates for APD

      • Sgt. Peter Silva - Updates on Recruiting for APD

      • Pastor David Walker - Update our community on the goals of finding our new Ombudsman and new role to support the CPC's. Address what Constitutional Policing is