City Clerk Certifies Ten Publicly Funded City Council Candidates

Seventy-seven percent of candidates qualify for public funds.

June 4, 2019

The 2019 Local Election cycle brought out 13 city council candidates seeking public funding in the four open districts. Yesterday, the City Clerk finished the process of verifying the $5 qualifying contributions, and certified 10 of the 13 candidates. Information on candidates who qualified can be found here:

The City Clerk’s office sought to make public funding more accessible by piloting a website that allowed for $5 qualifying contributions to be made electronically for the first time this year. Just shy of 1,000 total contributions were made on the website, with one candidate in particular getting nearly 50% of their contributions through the site.

“We believe the City’s public financing program has proven to be accessible, and we will continue to work with Mayor Keller and this administration to find more ways to improve and advance the program.” stated City Clerk, Katy Duhigg.

Candidates will have through June 28 to collect their 500 petition signatures to qualify as a candidate on the ballot. The City Clerk’s office will continue verification of those signatures throughout the month, and will post updates weekly.