Board of Ethics Mayoral Appointee: Michael Cadigan

Resume and public comment opportunity for Michael Cadigan, Mayoral Appointee, to the Board of Ethics.

The public comment period for Michael Cadigan, the Mayor’s proposed appointee for position 2 on the Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices is October 31, 2019 to November 14, 2019. Please click here to view Mr. Cadigan’s resume.  Any person shall be allowed to submit comments about the proposed member by written submission, electronically or otherwise, to the City Clerk. Please send electronic written submissions to [email protected]. Hardcopies of written submissions may be delivered to the Office of the City Clerk at 600 2nd St. NW, Albuquerque NM 87102, 7th Floor.  If you have any questions regarding this appointment please contact, Katy Duhigg, City Clerk, at 505-924-3650.