The Risk of an Undercount is Real

According to the Urban Institute, states with more historically undercounted groups, such as New Mexico, are more likely to have inaccurate population counts in the 2020 Census. Nationally, black residents could be undercounted by as much as 3.68%, in part because the new way of conducting the census (online and by relying on existing government records) has not been thoroughly tested.

The undercount of Asians and Pacific Islanders could be as high as 1.36%. That’s why the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County have teamed up with many community-based organizations to help raise awareness and participation in the 2020 Census.

Local Assistance

The following organizations are among the many community organizations who are helping local community members get informed about and complete the Census.

  • NM Black Leadership Council
  • NAACP NM Chapter
  • ABC Community Schools Partnership
  • NM Asian Family Center
  • Historic Bridge Main Street South Valley
  • America Prays
  • Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico


Watch: Video produced by the New Mexico Black Leadership Council

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