The Blue Tree Project Visits Albuquerque

International art event highlights plight of urban trees.

Tree New Mexico is bringing Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos for a celebration of Earth Day and the unsung role of trees in our community.

As the seventh city in the United States to host The Blue Tree Project, Albuquerque is on the leading edge of this electric and arresting art installation which will surely draw immeasurable attention to the Duke City.

Albuquerque's Trees

During the week of Dimopoulos' visit to Albuquerque, he will engage with students and community members through lectures and discussions.

The week will culminate in the painting of trees at several sites; on the island at the ABQ BioPark Tingley Beach, and on the 4th Street Mall in downtown Albuquerque.

"We are excited to sponsor temporary art in Albuquerque like the Blue Tree Project,"  Albuquerque Public Art Program Manager Sherri Brueggemann said.

Going Blue

The colourant used on the trees has been developed specifically for this project. It is not paint. It is a biologically-safe ultramarine mineral pigment in a water base.

The colourant is safe for plants, animals, insects, humans and waterways, and is classified as a non-hazardous substance by the Australian National Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

About Tree New Mexico

Incorporated in 1990, Tree New Mexico is recognized locally and nationally for its urban and rural tree planting efforts.

Since January 1991, Tree New Mexico and its partners have planted more than 1.2 million trees in New Mexico and on Navajo Land in Arizona.

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The Blue Tree Project is an international art event coming to Albuquerque through the efforts of Tree New Mexico, the Albuquerque Public Art Program and other sponsors.