Albuquerque’s Public Art on cultureNOW “Museum Without Walls”

Award-Winning iPhone App Features 28 Public Art Collections Across US--Including Albuquerque's!

An exciting new trend is developing for those who are curious about the world of art outside of gallery walls, an iPhone application that features over 28 public art collections encompassing 6000 sites and 11,000 images. The City of Albuquerque’s public art program has joined the movement, and now anyone with an iPhone anywhere in the world can review the City’s public art collection right on their screen.

“This new app offers anyone, anywhere the opportunity to tour Albuquerque’s public art installations through their iPhone screen,” said Sherri Brueggemann, manager of the City’s Public Art Enhancement Program. “It is an especially valuable tool for locals. Say you are in a certain part of town and have a bit of time, you can easily locate and visit nearby public art installations and enjoy an experience you might otherwise have missed,” she added.

cultureNOW received a prize from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for creating one of the Best Overall Apps in the NYC BigApps 2.0 contest. From what began as a cultural and historical map of Lower Manhattan in 2001, the project evolved over the past ten years into a major online collection of art from cities across American. From Albuquerque to New Haven, from Providence to Portland, from Kansas City to Culver City, from Toledo to El Paso, and from New Orleans to Los Angeles, cities are collaborating with cultureNOW in the creation of a digital National Gallery of art and architecture that exist in the public realm.

Created for those who wanted a greater access to art and architecture, and more in-depth information on both, the application offers art in real time. Whether standing in front of an architectural treasure and having access to pictures, drawings, interiors and information on the structure, or perusing an art collection in a distant location, the “Museum Without Walls” is a great leap forward in making public art available to all, to be enjoyed at one’s leisure.

Combining gps and the audio streaming technology of the iPhone, the developers were able to create a technologically sophisticated guide to the physical environment. In addition to the original material on Lower Manhattan, new apps include 322 podcasts and 19 tours from New York to Los Angeles. The app is available for download on