Public Art Surveys and Forms

A list of Public Art forms to request new public art, the repair of public art, permissions to use public art for commercial purposes, and to submit Unsolicited Proposals.

Tell us About Public Art in Your Area

  • Give us your feedback on existing public art using the smartphone friendly Public Art in My Area survey. We appreciate any feedback.

Unsolicited Proposals

Commercial Requests for the Use of Public Art

  • If you need copyright approval to use an image of public art, i.e. in a movie, a publication, or other commercial uses, complete the Public Art Use Permission form. (Note: the City will contact Artists directly using this form.)

New Requests for Public Art

Internal Requests for Public Art

  • Complete the New Request for Public Art in City Facilities form if your Department or Division would like 2-Dimensional art from the CABQ Public Art Program's rotating collection.

  • Complete the Request for Relocation, Removal, or Repair of Public Art form if there is public art that needs to be relocated, removed, or repaired for any reason.

  • All requests will be reviewed within one business day, however requests for new artwork will be handled in the order they are received. Requests to move art in an emergency will be addressed with a plan of action within one day, however art handling personnel may not be available to replace artworks as quickly.