Siblings Ken and Dixie now on the Catwalk

Ken and Dixie.

Sibling lions Ken and Dixie arrived to their new home at the ABQ BioPark Zoo in April 2016. 

The siblings come from the San Diego Zoo, where they were born in December 2013. The two were popular in San Diego as cubs, starring in a number of YouTube videos and becoming members of the zoo's "Bite Club."

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Our Actions Matter

The lion’s roar becomes fainter in plains and savannas across Africa as their numbers continue to decrease. Most lions are listed as vulnerable and rapid population decline has led to the addition of some subspecies to the U.S. Endangered Species Act. You can help reverse this trend and protect lions by:

  1. Learning more. Lions play an important role as a top predator in African ecosystems. Predators like lions help keep everything in balance. By preying on older and sick animals, they keep zebra, rhino, giraffe and elephant populations healthy and successful. Learn more about the importance of lions and share your knowledge of why we should work together to save this species.
  2. Supporting programs for conflict-free living. Only one quarter of the lion’s historic natural range is available to them today. Human communities and agricultural lands are on the rise in African countries. When lions prey on cattle and other livestock, some land owners poison fresh kills, knowing the lion will return to finish the remains. This fatal poison also kills hyenas, vultures and other important scavengers. You can help save lions by supporting organizations, such as Lion Guardians, that work toward solutions to reduce human-lion conflict by working with communities.