Australian Outback

Meet marsupials and colorful birds at the Australia exhibit.

wombat banner - photo 2011

When Visiting...

The Australia exhibit takes guests on a trip through the outback to see some of the continent's most iconic creatures, including kookaburras, wombats and kangaroos.

Australia is currently closed for refurbishment. We look forward to inviting you to a new, exciting exhibit soon!

Our Actions Matter

Although Australia's animals have adapted to a unique climate, they are threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation. You can help save Australian wildlife by making simple choices:

  • Recycle and reduce the demand for natural resources like trees and precious metals. Recycling can lessen the damage to Australian landscapes caused by logging and mining.
  • Support sustainable agriculture by purchasing products grown with responsible methods.
  • Become a Zoo Parent to support Australian species care, animal enrichment and conservation programs at the BioPark.