Smarter than you may think


The ABQ BioPark Zoo is home to two warthogs, Delmar and Arlen.

When most people think of warthogs, The Lion King’s Pumba comes to mind. The intellectually slow, yet lovable cartoon character is not a good representation of the average warthog, however. In fact, warthogs are actually incredibly intelligent animals and require tons of enrichment. 

Warthogs are native to central and southern Africa. In the wild, they normally live 10-15 years and have been reported to live up to 18 years in zoos. This swine is currently an animal of “least concern,” meaning they are fairly widespread and common in the wild. 

Warthogs get their name from the two protruding “wart-like” bumps on their face. They are more pronounced on males and help biologists differentiate between the sexes.