De Brazza's Monkeys

Check out these colorful old-world monkeys in the Africa exhibit.

Debrazza's Monkey Banner - Ari

The De Brazza’s monkey is endemic to the wetlands of central Africa. The ABQ BioPark Zoo has three of these old-world monkeys—female Kanani, her offspring Ari, who was born in May 2016 and Oliver, who was born in August 2017.

The species is sexually dimorphic, which means males and females display different physical characteristics, including size, with females being smaller.

De Brazza’s monkeys have large cheek pouches, a patch of orange fur above their eyes, white beards and long black tails.

In the wild, this species consumes fruit, leaves and insects. At the ABQ BioPark they receive a nutritionally balanced diet including special chow plus a variety of fruits and vegetables.

A first-time parent, Kanani handled her new additions well, starring as the protective mother.