New Mexico BioPark Society launches new "Wild About You" video message service featuring zoo animals

Videos raise money for elephants, penguins and more.

Oct. 16, 2020 - The New Mexico BioPark Society is offering custom "Wild About You" video messages as a way to raise funds for animals at the ABQ BioPark Zoo.

Each video message is recorded by zookeepers and features a close-up with the customer's choice of animal. Available "Wild About You" stars include elephants, penguins, llamas, hippos, giraffes, Andean condors and bald eagles.
"We all need more joy in our lives right now," said Allyson Zahm, development director for the New Mexico BioPark Society, "and this is a great way to brighten your loved ones' days while also helping animals at the Zoo."
Customers can order their video at by entering a few basic details about the occasion and the recipient. Videos are recorded and e-mailed to the customer within a week. Prices for the personalized videos range from $29 to $49, and all proceeds benefit the animal seen in the video.